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Specialty Cleaners / Polishes


Claire® Whiteboard Cleaner - 19 oz. Net Wt.

Cleans and brightens whiteboards without leaving a residue. Removes old marker ink and is effective on all colors of dry-erase ink. Restores your whiteboard to a like new finish. Can Size: 20 oz. 12 per case.  12/cs
Manufacturers Item #C-074

PRO-LINK® Graffiti Wipes - 40 ct.

Combats graffiti and adhesive clean up on a variety of hard surfaces, including bathroom partitions, phone booths, lamp posts and bus stop seats. Wipe size: 9.5" x 12".  6/cs
Manufacturers Item #WG011

PRO-LINK® Stainless Steel Wipes - 40 ct. Tub

Removes stains and smudges quickly and effortlessly while cleaning and polishing the finish. 9.5" x 12".  6/cs
Manufacturers Item #WG010

Spring Grove Furniture Polish - 19 oz.

contains premium lemon oil which preserves and protects wood. It cleans, dusts and polishes all in one. Lemon scented.  12/cs
Manufacturers Item #6192689

PRO-LINK® Furniture Polish - 19 oz. Net Wt.

A lemon oil, wax and silicone cleaner and polish. Resists fingerprints, smudges and watermarks. Great for laminated surfaces. Lemon scent.  12/cs
Manufacturers Item #YA006

Betco® Graffiti Remover - 15 oz. Net Wt.

Safe on many surfaces, this product may be used on restroom walls, trucks, buses, public buildings and sidewalks. Fast acting. Quickly penetrates and dissolves graffiti.
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Betco® Lemon Furniture Polish - 19 oz. Net Wt.

This natural lemon oil formulation cleans, polishes and protects fine furniture, woodwork, vinyl, plastic, Formica® and metal. Cleans and removes wax build-up. Repairs minor scratches and cracks.
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Betco® Stainless Steel Cleaner - 17 oz. Aerosol

Polishes easily leaving no greasy film. Cleans, polishes, brightens and protects. Convenient package.
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