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Air Freshener Disp/Refills


PRO-LINK® GrandAire Dispenser

Large space fragrance system provides continuous fragrance delivery for spaces up to 2100 square feet.  ea

Manufacturers Item #GA001-DW

PRO-LINK® GrandAire Dispenser & Refills

Solid ceramic refills means there are no propellants, making it a smart environmental choice. Fragrance lasts up to 4 weeks. Choose from 7 fragrances. Refills are VOC and CARB compliant.

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PRO-LINK® ChemiCenter ll™ #19 Air Freshener - 80 oz.

Lavender Fields. Odor counteractant. Instantaneously controls offensive odors and replaces them with a pleasant lavender fragrance. Dilution rate: 1:32; Gallon yield per bottle: 21. Purple color.  2/cs

Manufacturers Item #B14317

Fresh Remind Air Curve Air Fresheners

Freshens the air for 30 days. Contains 35% more fragrance than the leading air freshener. Reminds you when to change it. No more guessing, just pull off the week and month tabs to show when it needs to be replaced. Consistent odor control by using the Remind Air date tabs, you'll know when to replace it; ensuring a consistently fresher smelling area. Fits just about anywhere. Each Curve comes with a suction cup that allows for maximum versatility and helps you hide it away if needed.

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