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Low Density Roll


Berry Big City® Drum Liner - 38 x 63, 1.8 mil, Black

Rolls with core in a Kraft box. The polyethylene can liner of choice for heavy duty uses. Big City® liners are made of resins that tend to be thicker in gauge and offer additional stretch. All repro resins used in Big City liners must meet our stringent quality standards. Economical, high performance can liner with excellent puncture and tear resistance. Available in black for maximum opacity and also in clear for specialty applications. Specially blended LLDPE and recycled material (post-industrial). Flat folded for convenient single bag dispensing. Sizes and gauges to meet any need. Gallon Usage: 55.  1/75/cs
Manufacturers Item #LBO3863X4B

Berry Big City® Blended LLDPE Can Liners

High-quality blend of virgin LLDPE and recycled content, 10% post-consumer waste in black liners 1 mil and above. Ideal for heady-duty applications, including sharp, heavy and irregular waste. Exceptional strength with good puncture and tear resistance. Coreless rolls.
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Berry Hospi-Tuff® Linear Low Density Liner Conv. Pk

Linear low density, convenience pack (roll with core). Flat bottom seal. Printed. Hospi-Tuff meets Federal EPA standards. Red is "Biohazard", Yellow "Infectious Waste", Blue "Soiled Linen".
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Berry Steel-Flex® Coreless Liner - 24x32, 0.45 mil, Clear

Linear low density polyethylene liner provides superior puncture and tear resistance. Exceptional strength even under the stress of heavy duty use. Star bottom seals eliminate leakage and odors.  10/50/cs
Manufacturers Item #LSR2432XC

Berry PG6 Recycled Roll Liners

Made from post-industrial recycled resins. Good puncture and tear resistance. "Green" friendly.
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PRO-LINK® ThickSkins™ Recycled Black Can Liners

Made from top quality post-consumer resin (PCR made from plastic bottles) and internally recycled virgin resin, these liners provide high performance at a lower cost. Their post-consumer content meets or exceeds the EPA's guideline, which makes them eligible for LEED credits. Contain up to 80% recycled content. Coreless rolls to reduce waste.
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Inteplast LLDPE Institutional Can Liner - 1.00 mil, 24 x 32

Fuerte liners.  10/50/cs
Manufacturers Item #SL2432100K

PRO-LINK® ThickSkins™ Ultra LD - 27x45, 1 mil, Clear

All-purpose, "jack-of-all-trades" can liner is a smart choice that delivers total confidence every time you use it. Made with 100% prime virgin resins, ThickSkins Ultra provides excellent load capacity, tear resistance and toughness. Leak-proof star seal. Versatile, handles everything from paper and general refuse to heavy or sharp waste. Available in black, clear and white.  25/10/cs
Manufacturers Item #BKC2745XMP

PRO-LINK® SuperSkins™ Coreless Roll - 36x58, 1.4 mil

Ultra tough performance with maximum strength, puncture and tear resistance, up to 50% stronger than comparable linear low density bags. The result: better performance at a linear lower cost. These can liners are the choice for environmental source reduction. SuperSkins' thinner, stronger films reduce plastic waste by up to 25% with absolutely no sacrifice in performance. Made with 100% HAO resins. Available in clear, magnum blue and white.  10/10/cs
Manufacturers Item #BPMB3658HP

PRO-LINK® ThickSkins™ LLDPE Can Liners

High-quality blended resins with up to 70% recycled content. Exceptional strength with good puncture and tear resistance. Coreless rolls for ease of use and storage. Made with recycled polyethylene. Qualifies for points toward LEED Green Building Certification. These bags are engineered for heavy-duty use and are especially suited for applications involving sharp, heavy or irregular waste.
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