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Liquid Deodorant


Betco® Citrus Bouquet Barrier Fluid - Qt.

Reduces odor and enhances the restroom experience. For use in water free urinals and floor drains. Compliments SmartScreens™ and air care refills.

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Betco® BestScent™ Citrus Bouquet Odor Eliminator - Qt.

Neutrabond™ molecules chemically bonds to microscopic malodor particles neutralizing the malodor completely. Malodor is replaced by specially blended fragrances. Eliminates food malodors completely, freshening indoor air.

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Betco® BestScent™ Lemon Zest Odor Eliminator - Qt.

Special blend of fragrance oils and malodor counteractants chemical bond to malodors effectively neutralizing them. Deodorizing RTU. Proprietary blend of lemon fragrance oils. Meets Federal VOC content requirements.

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