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Von Drehle 2 Ply Jumbo Roll Tissue - 3.78" x 1145'

Von Drehle 2 Ply Jumbo Roll Tissue - 3.78" x 1145'

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Fresh Wave 3D Urinal & Bowl Air Freshener - Mango

Installs correctly every time. Unique design eliminates installation error and installs both ways without sacrificing splash reducing performance. Eliminates 99% splashback. Innovative splash-reducing lattice, supported by a network of posts that protect the drain and guarantees that the user installs it correctly each and every time. Shrinks as it release beneficial bacteria and more than twice the fragrance as competing urinal screens over 30 days. Pull off date tabs to show when to change it.

Manufacturers Item #3WDSMG

PRO-LINK® Standard Loop End Wet Mop - Large, Blue

Blended fibers, 4-ply yarn. Woven tape tailband. Highly absorbent. Not launderable Economic choice. Double-wrapped mesh headbands.

Manufacturers Item #W18LG

Von Drehle Natural I-Cut Hardwound Roll Towel - 7.5" x 800'

Made from 100% recycled fiber. Core size: 2".

Manufacturers Item #880-NI

Zephyr® Disposable Dust Mop - 48", 5", Natural

Typar backing. Individually bagged and treated to insure maximum dust retention. Built on a tough Typar mitt with a durable quality yarn, has extra end-cuff which extends the life of the mitt to give you maximum usage. Individually bagged. Treated to insure maximum dust retention.

Manufacturers Item #23548

PRO-LINK® ThickSkins™ Recycled Black - 42.5x47, 1.5 mil

Made from top quality post-consumer resin (PCR made from plastic bottles) and internally recycled virgin resin, these liners provide high performance at a lower cost. Their post-consumer content meets or exceeds the EPA's guideline, which makes them eligible for LEED credits. Contain up to 80% recycled content. Coreless rolls to reduce waste.

Manufacturers Item #RTK4247XH