SSS® Vibe Pro® Air Care Dispenser - White/Silver

SSS® Vibe Pro® Air Care Dispenser - White/Silver

Item # SSS64098

  • Patented dosing enables Vibrating Mesh Technology to deliver superior scent consistency.
  • All Vibe Pro[R] fragrances contain Airadicate[R], a malodor counteractant
  • Battery power source, no electrical outlet needed
  • 4 D-cell battery-powered units provide more flexibility in placement for optimal performance
  • Batteries can last up to 18 months
  • Easy to install, mounting plate makes it easy to initially install
  • Quick to remove from the wall for efficient servicing
  • Wide coverage, Vibe Pro[R] can cover up to 18,000 cubic feet/510 cubic meters
White/Silver, ea
Manufacturers Item #64098

Proprietary fragrance formulas pass through vibrating plates with 2,000 laser-cut holes, dispersing an ultra-fine mist that remains airborne longer. Patented Intensity Plus Event technology provides a targeted boost of fragrance at your facility's busiest time of day. Refills contain no aerosols or propellants and are not pressurized, suiting as a more sustainable option compared to aerosols.

Programming Features

  • Highly Customizable Fragrancing Schedules - The metering technology in Vibe Pro[R] allows for maximum control over your scent schedule so your aircare system is only fragrancing during your hours of operation, more effectively using your refills.
  • Tailored Programming - Units can be set for operation during specific days of the week and hours of the day to ensure use only when your facility is open, saving money on refills.
  • Customized Experience - Quickly tailor scent delivery to your needs with easy-to-navigate programming.
  • Quick Dispensing Programs - Best for 24/7 operations or programming simplicity, four Quick settings allow you to dictate how many refills you would like to use per year for change-outs every 30, 45, 60, or 90 days.
  • More - Our non-aerosol, non-pressurized, VOC-exempt refills provide a more sustainable and easier to transport alternative to aerosols. Refills quickly snap in and out of the dispensing unit for efficient change-outs.